Different Types Of SEO Services That We Offer

Search engine optimization comes in different shapes and sizes. Not really, but it does have a few different types. While you could classify the different types of SEO services in several ways, here at The Gorilla Digital, count two as SEO services and others as mere SEO types. 

The two major SEO services that we offer are organic SEO and local SEO. And we tend to provide these services to all our clients who want the perfect digital marketing solution for their businesses. 

Organic SEO

To put into simple terms, the optimization done to attract traffic organically sole based on the algorithm of Google is known as organic SEO. This type of SEO is done with the help of well-written content with thoroughly researched keywords. 

Usually, the searched keywords that are not directly related to a business are the ones that fall under the organic SEO category. Such as, if you search with “how do I optimize my website to rank higher on search results?”, our site might pop up on the top results. 

You didn’t search for digital marketing agencies directly, but the algorithm found our site relevant. This is how that works. We provide this type of optimization to our client’s sites, so that they can come up on search results in the same way. 

Local SEO

Following the same principle, local SEO is just a bit different. Instead of you searching for “how to optimize site to rank higher?”, you may search for “digital marketing agencies near me”. The first site to pop up would probably be ours (considering that you live in Ireland). 

This is what local SEO is about, and we make sure that all kinds of businesses that use our service for SEO, rank high on Google just like this. 

Other Types That Exist

There’s also a technical side of SEO with XML sitemaps, crawling and indexing etc. But those are pretty much just a part of the entire process as a whole. 

You may come across two other terms called white hat SEO and black hat SEO. We offer only white hat SEO, which consists of relevant content, well-researched keyword incorporation and safe use of backlinking without doing any kind of spamming, cloaking, or clickbaiting. 

Black hat SEO refers to the keyword spamming and paid link building kind of SEO. As Black Panther said: we don’t do that here. 

We Provide Full Optimization 

You can depend on us to take care of all your search engine optimization. Our team of SEO experts and well-skilled content writers make sure your websites rank high for all relevant keywords. So, regardless of what type of SEO service you need, we’ve got you covered. 

Call Us And Lets Plan Your Strategy 

If you are still curious about the different types of SEO services schedule a call with us and let us explain to you in better detail. Along with that, we can help find the perfect digital marketing solution for your business.