Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses 

Being a small business, your budget for nearly everything is always pretty low. And with all these agencies charging such ridiculous amounts of money for their marketing campaigns, it can be hard to afford to do digital marketing. 

But if you are a business based in Ireland, we have the best affordable SEO services for small businesses. Here at The Gorilla Digital, we offer SEO and a bunch of other digital marketing services that can help grow your business. 

Grow Your Business With Organic SEO

Do you want people to end up on your website as soon as they search for something related to your business? Well, through organic SEO, you can do so, and we happen to provide that service. 

Let’s say you have a restaurant and you want your customers to know about your amazing pizza. With the help of SEO, if they search for something like “how to make a pepperoni pizza” your business’s site might pop up showing them the best pizza near them. 

Then they might reconsider making the pizza and order from you instead. Doesn’t that sound amazing? And we believe, this should help grow your business by a lot.

Get Noticed In Your Locality 

Aside from that, you can also be found in your area through our local SEO campaign. Any time anybody searches with “best pizza near me” (using the same example as earlier), your site will come up. And we make sure it comes on the very top of search results. 

We have helped countless small businesses get recognized within their area thanks to local SEO, and you can use this service to your advantage too!

Our Team Is Always Up To Date With Google

As you may know, Google has a bad reputation for updating its algorithm way too frequently. This might mess up previously done rankings, and confuse SEO professionals as to how they can make a business rank higher again. 

However, you can rest assured that our SEO experts are constantly studying and monitoring Google’s updates and are implementing that knowledge into each project. 

We Care About Your Budget 

Small businesses don’t have the budget to afford SEO services that charge about 1000 euros per week. Honestly, it pains us to think that one would have to pay that much money. 

We care about you, so we charge much lower for each month you use our service. You may have to spend anything between 150 euros and 800 euros on our services depending on the structure of the campaign. 

Let Us Rank You High On Google 

With The Gorilla Digital, you don’t have to worry about ranking on top of search results. For every relevant keyword, we try to place our client’s sites at the very top. Rely on our expertise and experience for your digital marketing purposes.  

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So, if you want the most affordable SEO services for small businesses, take the Gorilla Approach. Schedule a call with us today!